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Lately, I have detected in social networks, various queries about the generation of datasets to expose through, for example, REST APIs.

Having answered some of them directly, I thought it better to leave this published, to facilitate the task of possible future doubts.

For this and other possible examples to come, I decided to generate a sample database, which can be built from freely used published data, by Our World in Data,regarding COVID-19.

This sample database, using real data but not containing personal information of any kind, will allow me to set out some issues related to real-world work. For example, that the volume of data to be used may be large, or that the structure of the data is not always in accordance with what we would like to have.

For the generation of such a database, I decided to create a Jupyter Notebook,which is available  here. On the same share, I also left a  backpac file that allows you to import the sample base directly into a SQL Server.

However, I also left the Notebook, because that way you can run it to generate the database with updated data, as many times as you want.

Here I will leave as a reference, those other publications that make use of this database.

Generating a REST API (JSON)


Generating a REST API (JSON) [2]


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